Shadow Man
(Street of Shadows)

It opens with a studio name out of a mel brooks movie:

the creaking chair
cesar romero

guy with a. limp
solo harmonica
is that cesar
i only know him old
Hey limpy
no cesar is the saloon boss

old lady in chair
it’s aa pinballl parlor
also saloon

luigi sounds mexican
the policeman is ever so polite
limpy collecgs pictures of women
The victim is a supercilious dick
his wife kay kendall (barbara gale)
is elegan british
a strapless dress she can pull off

the husban days my wife is going out for the evening
but then a bunch of people come in
who is this mysterious “Nigel”
the playboy

Tick Tock a cute little restaurant
savor / maroc /

quiet bar
it’s 10pm
luigis private bar?
no just a little place
neighborhood place

there is milling about
it’s. a pinball gallery
byt its a party
sk e sort of gambling
another femme fatale
nigel’s a prick
konki the clown
Limpy apparently has
a work jacket and a personal jacket
who’s this other woman?
I’m telling them apart bay their dresses
wait she’s barbara the sable lady
the teeth on the cotton candy girl

the nice policenman gives luigi a stern talkking to
ok now that is a wake up
someone calling for bottles?
she;s dark hired
it’s angele abbei (simone silva)
she has an accent
and hooded eyes

postcard addressed to the proprietor
is how barbara informs luigi to deliver
the konki macchine to the above address
why the ABOVE address?
what’s the point?

the cottage
has a horseshoe over the door

every time the phone rings
they get a scared look
weird phon conversation

back to luigi brarba and the konki machine
a handwritten card
‘your character leaves
much to be desired;
you have a slothful
disposition and are
not worth cultivating
as a friend’

luigi is standing awfully close to mrs gale
dinner at luigi’s apartment
very odd
‘a pintable saloon’
he calls her barbara

limpy waits for angele
at the movie theater

barbara and luigi
are making out
he’s got his hand right
above her ass

here is angele
with a low cut dress
and a great big hat

limpys been jilted
an usher gives him the bad news

angele runs away
a sailor puppet laughs

luigi is back to barbara
‘who was the girl?’
the girl?
are there any … complications

barbara at home
outs a coin into konki

limpy sweeping up
gets a wrong number
loud music
its a giant wurlizer
someone dancing
it’s angele
she laughs at him
he punches throug the wurlitzer
youve never taken a gilr home before limpy?
he takes her home
she stretches sensually
he moves to follow
she slams the door

luigi goes to pick up the machine
barbaras husband is playing cards
they make fun of him

something something
barbata runs away fromhome
luigi tracks her to
an apartment building
barbara is on the floor
is she dead?
he carries her body
he hides with her in a phone booth
he uses a lghter so he can see in the dark
asks limpy yo get his car
still carrying barbara bldy
limpy drives like a madman

the inspecotr inspects
limpy is questioned
he says I justnbrought the car aound

now inspector v luigi